A day exploring Kyoto  The plan for our first day in Kyoto was to do a walking tour to orientate ourselves in the city. However, a small scratch on my foot had got infected (just a little bit mum) and so we rearranged the tour for when my foot was feeling better. This didn’t stop us doing a tour of our own though and seeing some of the beautiful features of Kyoto, the former capital of Japan.

November 3, 2017


Street signs in Kyoto. 

Soisei-en gardens. One of the gardens we visited as we explored the city. 

Japanese photo shoot. 

Enjoying the autumnal sun and the beautiful colours. 

Vending machines with all the canned coffee you would ever want to drink. 

Crossing the River Kamo into Gion.

Heron - with a stylish quif - waiting very patiently for dinner. 

Traditional dress - lots of people that visit the city immerse themselves in the Kyoto experience and hire kimonos.

Yasaka Temple - one of the main Shinto temples in Gion, Tokyo.

Yasaka temple. 

Kimonos at the Yasaka temple. 

One of the gates out of the temple. 

Thousands of vending machines across the city with goods ranging from Pokemon to cosmetics. 

Lunch/dinner Kyoto style - Tonkatsu - fast fried chicken with shredded white cabbage and wasabi mayonnaise 😊. 

Kyoto at night. I loved how music was being played on the streets through speakers - such a calm atmosphere for a city of 3 million people. 

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