Kamakura and Enoshima are two towns to the south of Tokyo. On Thursday we headed down to Kamakura to see the statue of Buddha, the second largest in Japan. Kamakura is a beautiful town, with lots of small shops and cafes and a very different feel to Tokyo. Before seeing the statue of Buddha we went to a temple complex - by mistake as we thought we would find the statue there - which was beautiful and dated back to the 8th century.

November 11, 2017


Prayers written by visitors to the temples, these are read by the monks and blessed.

Hundreds of tiny buddhas at the temples of Kamakura.

The main temple at Kamakura.

Buddhas footprints.

Eventually we found the Buddha statue, when you see the photos you will probably question why it took us so long to find 😊
By the late afternoon we thought we would head to Enoshima to see the Pacific Ocean - we couldn’t have timed it better as we got to see one of the most beautiful, breathtaking sunsets and our last view of Mount Fuji.  



Japanese Lego store in Enoshima.

A photo for Joe V -future Lego designer - I would recommend the Japanese branch if you can. 

Fishing at sunset at Enoshima.

Sunset over Mount Fuji. 

Despair as my camera ran out of battery! Thankfully Penny had hers fully charged. 

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