I was sad to leave Wellington as it would have been great to spend time with Justine and enjoying home cooked food, but I was assured by everyone that the South Island would blow my mind with its mountains, rainforests and glaciers. After a quick flight from Wellington to Christchurch we headed North towards the town of Kaikoura. On November 14th 2016, nearly a year to the day of our visit, the town was hit by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

November 22, 2017


The Four Square guy! This picture can be found everywhere across the New Zealand - it's the logo/brand for the supermarket chain which we loved popping into on the road trips. 

Amberley, New Zealand! A bit bigger than the one in Gloucestershire - not much though. I wish this cafe was in Gloucestershire - food was soooo good here. 

View from the hotel room in Kaikoura. On our arrival we got given the now standard information about milk and wifi. Unlike anywhere else though we also got informed about what to do in case of an earthquake or tsunami. 

Information provided in the hotel telling us what to do in case of an earthquake. 

A very festive fish and chip supper by the seaside! Happy days. 

An earthquake infographic in a store on the Main Street in Kaikoura. The town is still rebuilding after the event and a number of local businesses have closed down due to the reduction in tourist numbers due to road access issues. 

Another scar to remember my trip by. This picture is going to be a key piece of evidence in a Year 7 Geography Mystery - How did Miss Lillington end up with a cut knee in Kaikoura? Hypotheses?

A piece of evidence for the formulation of your hypothesis- 6am - just before the cut knee. 

A view of the beach in Kaikoura. The town is famous for whale watching trips and dolphin encounters! Other members of the group enjoyed these experiences, but sadly the whales were a no show on this occasion. 

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