Following two wonderful days in Vinales, the Cuban checklist covered,and with an increasing understanding of how life works in Cuba, we headed to the Western tip of Cuba and the tiny resort of Maria la Gorda. We had our expectations managed by our guide informing us that there would be lots of mosquitoes, not great food, a dodgy hotel but one of the best beaches in Cuba and the best sunsets on the island! He was right about everything except for the hotel which turned out to be not that bad! 👏

December 21, 2017


My first view of the the Caribbean Sea, sparkling white sand and turquoise seas - paradise. 

The famous sunset at Maria La Gorda. 

One of the beautiful, crystal clear, coastal pools created during high tides. 

Walking along the 'Dog teeth' rocks near Santa Maria in western Cuba. 

A view of the jetty just before sunset. 

Iguanas on the rugged Diente de perro (Dog’s teeth) rocks which line the roads in the nature reserve.

Wild boar! 

One of the pelicans near the Santa Maria La Gorda reserve. 


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