Back to Havana for the last time this trip. Our final casa, with the now familiar endless flights of stairs, was located in Old Havana between Plaza Vieja and the Malecon. This was our last chance to do some sight seeing and shopping. We visited the famous Revolution Museum and found out more about the history of Cuba, particularly the third revolution of 1959 which saw the fall of the Batista government/regime and told the story of the most important revolutionaries.

December 29, 2017


A picture from the Revolution Museum to commemorate the 1st January 1959 in Havana. 

Overwhelmed by the "hyper-realistic" model at the Revolution Museum, Havana. 

A model of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos at the Revolution Museum, Havana.

Revolution Museum

Enjoying a last bottle of Cuba's Number 1 water.  

Bit of pool time to take in some last rays of tropical sun before heading back to a British Winter. 

An opportunity to watch a Cuban PE lesson in action in Plaza Vieja. 

Last chance for a mojito in Cuba.

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