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Over the past few years Camini has been revived through a special social co-operative scheme which h

Creating a community library in Camini. First day involved classifying all the books into categories. 

By Friday it was starting to look a bit like a library, with books classified and some even in alphabetical order! 

Resources for the English lesson for the 3-6 year olds. 

A classic Lillington piece of art work. 

Thankfully the 3-6 year olds can draw. Loving the labels too. 

Helping out on the village farm. I now know when maize is ready to pick - may be helpful on the goat farm. 

4 crates of maize picked and a car full of melons later. 

Donations arrived on Wednesday. The clothes will go to a central point and then families can collect what they need. Books, games and other resources already being used in lessons. 

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