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We arrived in Havana on Saturday 2nd December after an early flight from Toronto Airport. After care

Arriving in style in one of the pre revolution classic cars that are used as taxis in Havana.  

View of Havana Vieja from the terrace of our first casa particular - Villa Azulejo. Casas particulares are operated by local Cuban families and offer a real Cuban experience. Over the two weeks we stayed in 4 Casas in total, each with their own character.  

Exploring the Old Town on the first day, which could be described as an attack on the senses with the music blaring, the crumbling buildings, uneven and pot holed roads and various smells. Our tour officially started after meeting our group of fellow 14 travellers and Yazel our CEO (Chief Experience Officer) for the week. Apparently there are three things everyone should try in Cuba - a Mojito, a cigar and dancing the salsa. Will have to see how the week goes!  

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