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Rehash Trash : Part of Green Gecko programme is to empower the mothers of the street children and Re

The Rehash Trash workshop where I was based for my first week in Siem Seap. 

Workshops are offered to tourists to help take part in the project. An excellent example of small scale grass roots development. 

Once the bags have been collected then the next step is to get them clean. Scrubbing the bags the sunshine ☀️ 

My Khmer is very limited (I am having lessons though) and the ladies only spoke a few words of English, but we communicated through sign language and they taught me some Khmer words too. 

Creating the wonderful upcycled products. 

In the workshop at Rehash Trash. 

The beautiful products that have been created from old plastic bags! 

Time to start getting creative myself! 

After an hour and the input from two very patient teachers this was my crocheted plastic! I started off ambitious with a bottle holder but settled for a coaster - the bottle holder is now work in progress. 

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