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Following the flooding I thought that I wouldn't get the opportunity to go into the villages to

The filters on the back of the truck, ready to go out to the villages. 

What does this one say? A very early Christmas gift for Humanities at CDPS. 

Riding up front in the big truck! Exciting👏

The journey begins. 

The journey into the rural area showed the extent of the flooding and difficulties of the local people in terms of access to roads but also the problem of water becoming contaminated. 

Getting the filter ready to go at the first family we stopped at. The filters take about 15 minutes to set up and can be used after 20 days. The filters then last for about 10 years, when the sand and gravel need to be replaced. 

A happy customer with her new water filter for the family. 

Third stop was at a village which was receiving 4 filters, including the one I donated on behalf of Humanities at CDPS.

The family talking through the paperwork and getting and advice off the Trailblazer filter installer. All filters are geolocated to help provide support in the future and improve sustainability. 

Getting the filter ready for the family. Big gravel ✅ little gravel ✅ and then a big bag of sand. 

The family with their new water filter. 

The next two filters were not so easy. We had to cross over a normally small stream, which had turned into quite a wide river, to get to the houses. 

Just thinking about the snaked and leeches.

The sand went by boat though. 

The family receiving one of the 4 filters. 

The family with their filter and 

access to safe and healthy drinking water. 

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