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After four weeks of being in Siem Reap, and after being asked on a daily basis whether I had visited

Just a few minutes before sunrise. The Angkor Wat complex is made up of a series of temples across a 400km2 area. 

The famous reflection in the lakes which are in front of Angkor Wat. 

Not quite the sunrise we imagined, but it was still a beautiful thing to experience and seeing Angkor Wat emerge from the dark was certainly worth the 4am start. 

Temple monkey - not sure where the toothbrush came from, but at least they are thinking about dental hygiene. 

Monks at Angkor Wat taking some photographs and selfies. 

Monks at Angkor Wat. The saffron robes stand out even more against the backdrop of the temple. 

Entrance to the Bayon Temple, look carefully for the faces. 

One of the stone faces carved into the entrance to the Bayon Temple. 

Group shot of my travelling companions in Cambodia and Laos, at my favourite temple Angkor Thom (Tomb Raider Temple)

Roots of the trees have caused parts of the temple buildings to collapse. Removing the trees now would mean that the temples would totally collapse. 

ET don’t worry mate (Year 11 should understand this) Biological weathering in action. 

Personal favourite pointed about by our guide Jay, this one is the Bum Tree. 

Aspara sculpture smiling through the tree routes. 

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