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After drifting further and further from the town, the pilot started to descend, picking a rice field

The field we eventually landed in.

After the terrifying air balloon experience and emergency landing.

The mountain in the distance was where we had to walk to in order to get picked up. 

I should have taken the message on this family’s t-shirt as a warning! 

The balloon basket after the emergency landing - this is when we noticed the cable ties being used to hold the floor of the basket on. 

The long walk back to the road. 

Just one of the broken bamboo bridges we had to cross. 

The 5km trek through the rice fields to a road to meet our pick up van. None of us had planned for a trek, so in shorts and sandals and a small ration of sun cream, bug spray and water, we set off on the walk home. 

My shorts after the hot air balloon emergency landing ..... and after falling over in a very slippy paddy field! 

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