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Arashiyama is a small town to the west of Kyoto. Using our transport passes we ventured 30 minutes a

View of the mountains and the river towards the town of Arashiyama. The river was fast flowing that day due to the high levels of rain from Typhoon Lan, which hit the west coast of Japan just three days before. 

Arashiyama railway and kimono forest. 

Kimono forest. Hundreds of kimonos have been arranged as an art installation and at night the light inside them shines through. 

Arashiyama’s famous bamboo grove - we spent a while walking through it - hopefully this will count as ‘forest bathing’ which is a very popular activity in Japan. 

Kimono and bamboo selfie. 

Bamboo grove from the floor! 

A signpost of just some of the temples which can be visited in Arashiyama. 

Start of the beautiful autumn colours. 

Bamboo fence making in action. 

Not sure whether this was in preparation for Halloween or whether it was a juice bar - I liked it though. 

Sunset over the beautiful town of Arashiyama. 

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