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Kyoto walking tours With my foot on the mend, thanks to the antibiotics, we took the rearranged walk

View of Kyoto’s TV tower reflected in Kyoto Station. The tower was built in 1964 when Japan last held the Olympic Games ( they will be hosting the games in 2020). The railway station was opened in 1997 to commentate Kyoto’s 1200th anniversary. 

Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Kyoto. During our visit we found out a bit more about religion in Japan and the relationship between Buddhism and Shintoism. It felt very different to the Buddhist temples I had visited in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand - but it was an incredibly tranquil and beautiful place.  

Fan making in one of the workshops of Kyoto. 

Tofu is a very popular food in Japan. This lady had been making tofu for many years and we had the chance to sample just made pieces. 

The Shinto shrine to academic success. I’ve got a good luck token for the CDPS pupils 🤓✅ to bring home. 

Lucky satchel for academic success - sure this works when combined with lots of hard work.

The original Nintendo office for all the Pokemon and Super Mario fans.

Another splendid day in Kyoto. Think the contrast of the blue sky and the orange of the temple shows this best. 

Look at me getting arty with photographs. 

A view of one of the pagodas or temples we passed on our walking tour. 

Just loved the colours in this picture. 

The Noren is the name given to the fabric which is hung outside shops and restaurants in Japan. If this is hanging outside you know the business is open to customers. 

Lanterns in the side streets of Gion. The lanterns are now used to show the location of shops and restaurants. 

One of the fabric shops in Gion district. Sadly, we got there too late, but we made the most of other shopping opportunities. 

After our two hour tour we did spot a geisha or actually a Maika, which is a geisha in training. The bells in her shoes gave us time to get our cameras ready. 

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