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Kyoto Disaster Prevention Centre -Sunday was a very rainy day. The Locals informed us that the heavy

The Kyoto Disaster Prevention Centre where we got to experience earthquakes, typhoons, escape a smoke filled apartment and put out a fire!  

Penny having a chat with Pepper. 

Earthquake disaster kit - what you should have in your pack for your family. 

Our introduction to the earthquake simulator. 

Inside the earthquake simulator where we experienced a magnitude 7.2 quake. We had to get under the table as quickly as possible and then switch off gas mains and open the door. This simulator represented the Kobe earthquake of 1995 - the clock on the wall even showed 5:46am the time it hit. 

Finding out more about the Kobe earthquake from someone that experienced it. 

I picked up a mini earthquake pack from the Disaster Preparation section of the partner store, to show the CDPS pupils when I teach tectonics next.

The Disaster Preparation section of Tokyu Hands department store. 

Ready for action in the event of an earthquake. 

In addition to the earthquake we also got to experience a typhoon. Typhoon Lan had made landfall the weekend before I arrived in Japan. The simulator went up to 116km per hour or a category 3 tropical storm.  

My Japanese namesake and doppelgänger.

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