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After a very long flight from Tokyo to Brisbane, crossing the equator and a quick breakfast in Austr

The ferry terminal building in Auckland on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 

Another boat trip! Yay! This time across the harbour from Auckland and just a 10 minutes to Devonport. 

The Auckland Skyline. Again a bit of a contrast to Tokyo but as my Kiwi friend, Justine, pointed out ‘good one for noticing the difference Becs’.

Devonport was a very quaint little town just across the harbour from Auckland. It reminded me of Minehead a little bit. Pelican crossings and fish n chip shops made it feel like England. 

The road to Cheltenham. A little pang of homesickness. 

Cheltenham Beach following my walk around Devonport. Almost as pretty as the Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. 

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