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Following the visit to Kaikoura we headed on one of the longest trips of the tour towards the west c

Beautiful town of Hamner Springs. A great place to spend an evening on the way to Franz Josef. 

Geothermal pools at Hamner Springs. Best remedy for a long road trip is soaking in lovely warm water outdoors. I'm already missing all the hot springs in New Zealand. 

The trek begins! 

The trek along the valley towards Franz Josef. 

The Franz Josef glacier is the world's fastest moving glacier and also has the lowest altitude for its terminal (end). A truly spectacular site and well worth the walk. 

Me and Katya as close to the Franz Josef glacier terminal as we can get! The sun came out just at the right time! 

Questions for Year 11. Do glaciers create V or U shaped valleys? Which geomorphic processes are shaping this landscape. 

Waterfalls along the trek to the Franz Josef Glacier. Managed to walk 20km this day - great trek and stunning landscape. 

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