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One of the highlights of the two weeks in New Zealand was the visit to Milford Sound and Fiordland N

A quick stop on the way to Milford Sound - my first encounter with a New Zealand goat. 

Mirror lakes

Reflection of the mountains in Mirror Lakes. The journey to Milford Sound was almost as amazing as the destination. 

A quick stop at the Homer tunnel, which passes under one of the largest mountains on the way to Milford Sound. Good opportunity to look at glacial landscape and waterfalls. 

I love this picture. To appreciate the size of the waterfalls, spot the people. 

The Milford Mariner - our very comfortable home for the evening. Great room, lovely food and loads of information from our wildlife guide, Forrest. 

The journey on Milford Sound begins. The brackish water - mixture of salt water ,from the sea, and fresh water, from rivers and glaciers, creates a special environment god marine wildlife. Milford Sound was named by a Welsh sea captain - John Grono in 1812 - he named it after Milford Haven in Wales ( which is no less spectacular because of Mrs Mansell being there). 

My pictures just don't do it justice, but we did get to see two humpback whales in the evening. It was such a special experience to see these wonderful creatures. 

Nigel, Stig, Jenny and Rachelle whale spotting. 

Sunset out over the Tasman Sea - after seeing humpback whales - wow, just wow. 

Early next morning. My hat from Japan was possibly one of the best purchases of the trip - it's kept me toasty warm on so many occasions. I was getting a picture of the landscape - not just the hat. 

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better the next morning we got to see these guys. Fiordland crested penguins. I could have watched these for hours. 

Seals hanging out early in the morning in Milford Sound. 

A very playful seal in Milford Sound. Think this may have been one with an identity crisis that was desperate to be a dolphin. 

One of the dolphins enjoying the wake of the Milford Mariner on our morning wildlife watch in Milford Sound. 

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