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The last leg of the New Zealand tour took us to the city of Christchurch. On the 22nd of February 20

185 Empty Chairs 

Information about the 185 Empty Chairs. As the photograph shows the art installation was developed to reflect the loss of lives and the economic impacts of the 2011 earthquake.

The 185 chairs memorial in Christchurch.

Christchurch's cathedral which was devasted during the earthquake in 2011. There are plans for a rebuild in the next 10 years. 

Street art in Christchurch. 

The Container Market in Christchurch which opened up following the earthquake. Lots of great shops and yummy eateries. 

Has Mrs Mac branched into the Southern Hemisphere?  

Christchurch's famous historic tram which runs through the city and provides information on the city. 

Enjoying the South Island sun and sampling some of New Zealand's best red and whites. 

Last group shot of my travel companions in New Zealand 😀

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